• I have never understood why people vote for crazies in senate. I mean house I can understand - with gerrymandering and hyper localization very easy to have lots of crazies, but senate is at a state level, so how do these people get elected? What are voters at state level expecting out of … say someone like Oz if he wins? You’d think people would be a bit more sensible but eh they also elected donald trump so i am asking too mucha already i suppose.

  • Man Purdue killing of the desi student is just so depressing. I hope the motherfucker spends his life behind prison.

  • Umm what? 🤔

  • Apparently our community has a we’ve been booed tradition. And yes now we need to do the same. For anti socials like us this is so much pressure 😂 - though I appreciate the fun aspect of it and the kid is already all planning mode who to boo!

  • Ah the hunter Biden story comes just in time for elections courtesy FBI - and somehow FBI is now RINO. They go out of their way to help republicans but yeah tell me.

  • Gotta love how half the people in PA are absolutely bat shit insane to think Oz is a viable candidate. LOL, thats true for whole country sorry.

  • My dogg’s daily schedule:

    07:30 - Oh dear, everyone’s waking up? why? Am I required to? Maybe i should. Get some snuggles in before they complain.

    08:30 - lol, kid’s gone and the food’s here. A quick run in backyard and OMG I am so sleepy today! Haven’t slept at all last night.

    11:00 - whats this? i smell food. Lemme wake up, stretch and see if this hooman is snacking on somethign and he shares?

    11:10 - meh, whatever, I still need to catch up on sleep!

    12:00 - hello sunshine! i am fresh as a daisy! who’s ready for some backyard play time!!!!!

    12:15 - lol, too hot, too wet and too much running. Gotta relax a bit here. Maybe chew a bone.

    12:30 - can i eat now?

    1:00 - maybe if I make some cute faces I will get snuggles.

    1:10 - well never mind, anyway time for afternoon nap!

    3:30 - finally, waking up for the day! sis gonna be here soon woo hoo!

    4.00 - sis here, backyard time yay yay yay!

    5:00 - no not done with playing. WTF is everyone still working?

    6:00 - time for a walk; whose front yard shall i poo in today? choices choices!

    7:00 - BLAH. I need more attention. Food. Attention! Maybe if I rip off this shoe?

    8:00 - Din din dinner. But i want rice and roti! who the fuck eats kibbles?

    8:30 - omg that was a long fucking day. need some bone to calm me down.

    9:00 - ok thats it for the day, good night!

    Yeah, we have the best dog :D

  • Man I love doc writing and I sorely missed it when I was out of mothership. Yes at my place we write. A lot. I mean a LOT. If you do not like writing or reading you will have a very tough time at aws.

  • iOS may make amazing advancements but the Apple music app continues to be an embarassment compared to spotify.

    Even basic things like supporting smart playlists is still not in native app - i have to create a smart playlist with rules on a mac, and then those rules transfer over to music app. Why? if mac os can support it year for more than a decade absolutely no reason why iOS app cannot support it.

    Why must playlists stop at end of last song? Why not instead like spotify continue playing undiscovered songs at the end so i can discover more music? music discovery in general on music app is terrible.

    Why is the content recommendations so bad even after so many years? in spite of loving the song and having enough data on me, why the fuck can’t you personalize music discovery according to my taste?

    The only reason Apple music works is iOS / iphone entrenchment. Seriously.

  • Ok you may not like Fettermsn but how the fuck can you vote for someone who killed 300 puppies! Like how hopeless of a person do you to be?

  • Omg what is this? The sun? How? What? When? How is this possible!

  • I am sick of these trees. Come winter at east a few of them are on chopping block

  • I dont care how the movie turns out but whoever is cutting trailers for Wakanda Forever is doing one heck of a job with the music and visuals.

  • New fence being extended today. The ghusat oldie – there’s a difference between being right and being reasonable. Really dude? My response to him - “I am right and thats end of it if it feels unreasonable to you”

  • OMG it’s still fucking raining? STOP ALREADY! What a miserable stretch of wretched weather since Thursday of last week!

  • It feels like all the post Roe bump in polls democrats have all but disappeared. Republicans played it well that by election time it will all be forgotten. I don’t buy this whole women registering in huge numbers is going to matter (happy to eat my words later!), coz I am sure women are registering in higher numbers in states where democrats are likely doing well anyway.

  • I watched the trailer of Adipurush and I honestly want my entire life back 😭😭

  • Did Swedish House Mafia design the dynamic island?

  • We have a whole house humidifier and either it’s too humid or too dry 🤷‍♂️

  • I guess that’s one way to drive vaccinations www.instagram.com

  • its such a contrast between the two old neighbors that we have. Once both neighbors came to know how much of our land they had encroached, one of them came to our house, apologized (absolutely no fault of his in this) and promised to get his landscaping removed in a week (which he finished today). The other neighbor from day 1 has been cribbing about it, and how its all so unfair, and how we should be good neighbors and not extend our fence and let them keep the land they encroached. And I am like, yo oldie, not gonna happen, shut up and back off. What a contrast between the two!

  • Though I am torn between Nest and Ecobee. I want to get Ecobee purely coz no Google. That said I had Nest for half a decade and it worked great in our previous house.

  • Cant wait for prime day sales so I can grab a pair of ecobees

  • Oh whoa, I turned of the TV when SA were down 3. Dang the match was way closer than I thought it would be.

  • South Africa team is such a pale shadow of its former self isn’t it?’

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