• @pratik Interesting. I never thought of IMO or IMHO as passive agressive and in fact thought them to be literally what they suggest haha! Will keep that in mind - thanks for this. Even if I am careless on micro, I def should think about it with work related commn for sure!

  • @parag the trick is to have guests who do it for you. Then you have no option but to keep up.

  • @wrenman nice. Mine says shipped but doesn’t say date yet @pratik

  • @pratik why not Sling orange for 20 bucks a month and cancel and has FS1 included.

  • @wrenman nice!! I am looking fwd to some sports on the tv @pratik

  • @pratik against England woh bhi lol.

  • @pratik where did you get it from? Tempted to do epp store

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