My dogg’s daily schedule:

07:30 - Oh dear, everyone’s waking up? why? Am I required to? Maybe i should. Get some snuggles in before they complain.

08:30 - lol, kid’s gone and the food’s here. A quick run in backyard and OMG I am so sleepy today! Haven’t slept at all last night.

11:00 - whats this? i smell food. Lemme wake up, stretch and see if this hooman is snacking on somethign and he shares?

11:10 - meh, whatever, I still need to catch up on sleep!

12:00 - hello sunshine! i am fresh as a daisy! who’s ready for some backyard play time!!!!!

12:15 - lol, too hot, too wet and too much running. Gotta relax a bit here. Maybe chew a bone.

12:30 - can i eat now?

1:00 - maybe if I make some cute faces I will get snuggles.

1:10 - well never mind, anyway time for afternoon nap!

3:30 - finally, waking up for the day! sis gonna be here soon woo hoo!

4.00 - sis here, backyard time yay yay yay!

5:00 - no not done with playing. WTF is everyone still working?

6:00 - time for a walk; whose front yard shall i poo in today? choices choices!

7:00 - BLAH. I need more attention. Food. Attention! Maybe if I rip off this shoe?

8:00 - Din din dinner. But i want rice and roti! who the fuck eats kibbles?

8:30 - omg that was a long fucking day. need some bone to calm me down.

9:00 - ok thats it for the day, good night!

Yeah, we have the best dog :D